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We all want to improve. It is a human thing, part of our nature. Developing good habits, be it in health and fitness or in other areas of our lives, is important. Knowing how best to deal with our finances, or with other matters, helps us grow into a better version of ourselves.

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Bablin Crocker

We all want to know the answer to one question: How do I develop good habits to start the year off right? I love to start the year with a little check-up. Rather than resolutions that are impossible to keep, I like to take advantage of the New Year to (re)develop good habits. To make my list of things I would like to improve, I ask myself questions about all the areas that seem important to me, and then I reflect on this list by choosing priorities. In this blog, I will share with you how I proceed to develop good habits and, above all, to stick to them.

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