How can you really change your habits?

The hardest thing about good habits is sticking to them. To do this, you have to hang on for at least 21 days. After that time, your brain has accepted the new habit as normal by forming new networks.

To facilitate the integration of these new habits, it may be helpful to identify if they play a particular role in your routine, such as filling a void in your life. If this is the case, if you are trying to get rid of the habit completely, chances are that you will feel anxious and dissatisfied (and that you will quickly return to your bad habit to fill the void).

☞ Instead of removing the habit from your repertoire, I encourage you to find a healthy alternative.

For example:

If you are a sweet tooth and find it hard to resist the call of dessert at the end of a meal, why not get into the habit of finishing your meal with a piece of fruit, a square of dark chocolate or an infusion with a little honey?


What are some good habits to adopt?

The good habits to take for the New Year differ from one person to another.

As for me, I like to take some time alone with myself, to settle down and think about what I want to change or make evolve in my life on the following subjects:

Work: do I feel fulfilled in my work? What are the subjects I would like to talk about more?

Passions and hobbies: Do I have enough time to develop my hobbies and passions outside of work and family life? Would I like to discover other activities?

Family life, couple life, friendship: do I spend enough time with my family?

Nutrition: could I make positive changes in my diet? Can I stop some bad habits?

Wellness & Lifestyle: am I working too much? Do I take enough time to rest? Do I take enough time for myself? To relax and unwind?

Ecology: what could I change to help the planet more?

Self-help, community: How can I help others? Feel useful?