As the Internet has grown, so has the number of stores that offer digital goods: music, eBooks, apps, games, and other goods and services. That’s right, Amazon sells stuff you can’t buy in stores. Digitizing all those products, however, has led to a lot of “unearthing” items that were previously sold and paid for by the sellers. This has led to a situation where you can’t sell these items anymore, and they’re becoming worthless.

A lot of people like to sell their physical items on eBay and Amazon. However, a lot of these items are difficult to sell unless you know the right tips and tricks for mastering the art of attracting and selling on Amazon, other platforms, or your own website for that matter. For example, you may need to determine the difficulty level in ranking your website in search engine results. Generally, people choose to hire SEO services such as Victorious or others like them who can handle that part of the process and help their website rank higher, which in turn can attract more potential customers. Having said that, a lot of people don’t have their own website or don’t want to spend a ton of money on building one. Therefore, selling on Amazon or eBay might seem like the best option for them. It’s one reason why some sellers look for websites and online communities like The Selling Guys. Another thing to note is that people don’t realize that they can sell digital items for passive income, too. In fact, it’s a lot easier to create a digital item and sell it on eBay or Amazon. For example, selling digital photos is easy. You can upload your photos to sites like eBay or the 500px photo website, then set up an eBay store and sell them.

Here are Digital Items You Can Sell For Passive Income

  • Clip art

While it is difficult to define the term “clip art,” it has become a widely used term in the digital marketing and e-commerce field. Online blogger and entrepreneur Jeff Brooks has defined the term as “digital items you can sell for passive income.” The term began in the late 1990s when websites like started displaying thumbnails of clip art for general use. The process of purchasing clip art has become a popular way to earn passive income for many online marketers, and it has even been used as a means to collect money for charity.

  • Birthday invitations

For those people who don’t have the time to write a detailed personalized birthday card, we have the perfect solution! We have all the birthday cards to write a special birthday message. All you need to do is choose from a selection of templates and personalize it the way you want. Then we will write it and send it to you. What’s more, you can also sell your cards through our shop.

  • Embroidery patterns

Well, the current trends are somewhat similar to the trends of the last few years, which are mostly made of digital items. The digital items are usually stored in the cloud or on a USB stick, or even on your phone or tablet. The companies that are still printing out physical goods and selling them are mostly using the same trends of the past few years. However, there are some differences in the pattern of the items or the way the items are made and printed.

  • Business planners

Many people are reluctant to start a business because they don’t have any of the necessary skills to run one. However, with the entry of the digital era and marketing agencies such as WebEnertia (, one can easily get some of the required skills and start a business.

  • Art prints

When it comes to investing our money, we have to be realistic about the money we have and where we are going to give it. A lot of us want to invest our money in the stock market, but without a solid grasp of the market, we might not know which stocks are the best. This is where investing in art prints can help. These prints are a great investment, as they are available in a wide variety of sizes, which makes them a high return on investment.

  • Coloring pages

The coloring pages page should be an easy-to-use and clean site to read in your spare time. We want the site to be simple and easy to navigate, with clean and simple colors, no ads, with a black background and white text.

  • Ebooks

When it comes to online selling, the opportunities are endless, but the problems are just as abundant. You need to know what to sell and how to sell it in your chosen niche and then be able to build up a loyal fan base and consistently communicate with them. Ebooks are the perfect way to do this, having a loyal fan base of potential buyers that can’t wait to buy your products. If you want to reach an audience around the world with your ebook, you could look into a platform like FastSpring ( in order to be able to easily accept payments in over 20 global currencies, saving you time which you can use how you wish to – perhaps to get your next ebook written!

There are dozens of different ways to make money by selling your digital goods. Some sites offer a small percentage of a month’s earnings for a single item, while others offer a percentage of all your items sold. The turnover rate and the amount you get paid can vary widely depending on the site.